Keep the Weeds Out: How to Let Your Plants Thrive in the Right Place

Garden maintenance in spring doing the mulching of the flowerbeds to keep down weedsWhy do weeds get a bad rap? These unwanted wild plants grow in the wrong place if they end up in your Utah yard. They’re in the wrong place because weeds compete for nutrients, space, and light with your plants. As a result, the vegetation you want to adorn your garden tend to wither, and the weeds flourish. So weed control for lawns is essential.

The easiest way to keep weeds out is to prevent them from thriving in the first place:

Regularly inspect your lawn

Inspect your lawn regularly to keep it healthy. Observe the growth of your turf; weeds tend to grow when grass growth slows down (the turf thins down) or when growing conditions are no longer favoring them. These are perfect times for weeds to invade.

Apply the correct herbicide

You can apply several types of herbicides to control weeds. Pre-emergent herbicides prevent seed germination and are only ideal as preventive spot-treatment. Post-emergent herbicides kill growing plants by disrupting plant growth processes like photosynthesis and root growth.

Selective herbicides kill weeds by targeting enzymes or plant chemicals. Non-selective herbicides kill all types of plants it makes contact with so it is only suitable for spot-treatment. Total vegetation herbicides eliminate all plants and sterilize the soil for an extended period.

Use cultural controls

The best way to control weeds is to have dense turf cover all year round. By changing the growing environment, you provide better grass growth and protection from invasive weeds. You can do this by adjusting the mowing height, lengthening or shortening the times between watering the lawn or changing the amount of fertilizer.

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Use organic mulch

Organic mulch is good for your garden because it retains soil moisture and deprives weed of sunlight. In addition, this type of mulch can become home to beetles and crickets, which eat weed seeds. Get rid of the seeds, and you’ll prevent weeds from growing.

Not all weeds look unsightly, but all weeds tend to rob your plants of nutrients, space, and light. So before these unwanted wild plants begin to germinate, take action.

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