Keep Your Dogs Healthy With These Healthy Treats

Dog sitting on a bed of green grass

Health and fitness have become a booming trend, especially here in California. Twitter and other social networking websites contain droves of posts, images, and videos of fit couples, healthy living, and more. You may be actively participating in the trend for legitimate reasons of your own.

As you pursue health and fitness, however, have you ever thought of your pet dog pursuing the same goals?

Healthy Dog Treats

Dogs love to run and play around which makes them great companions during jogs. Besides being fitness companions, dogs can actually eat healthy just like you do. You can continue feeding your dog California pet food products, but you can also give them healthy foods from time to time; dogs need nutrients too.

Spread Goodness

Do you like peanut butter? Dogs love peanut butter too! Peanut butter gives dogs a spread highly delicious to lick. Your dog also obtains protein, niacin, vitamin B and E, and healthy fats from peanut butter.

Before you give peanut butter to your pet, however, you can first make sure the spread has no salt, at best, and excludes sugar substitutes like Xylitol. Such ingredients can be harmful to dogs.

Serve Fish

Salmon serves as a good protein provider for individuals building up their muscles. For dogs, salmon provides omega-3 fatty acids. The acids boost their immune systems and encourage good coat and skin health.

With this, the next time you cook some salmon for yourself, you can remember to cook some for your dog as well.

Feed Apple

Do you remember the saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”? The same may not be applicable for dogs, but apples still provide important nutrients, fiber, and vitamins A and C. Keep the core away from your dog, however. You can cut the apple open and take out the core to be safe.

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You can feed your dog many other nutritious and delicious foods such as yogurt, carrots, pumpkin, flax seed, and much more. You can find these other healthy dog treats by researching online.

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