Kitchen Remodeling: 4 Ways to Make a Tiny Kitchen Look Bigger

Kitchen Remodeling Experts in Fort Wayne, INA tiny kitchen could be tough to design because it has to be functional yet feel airy and stylish. At the same time, it should be able to store kitchen equipment and accommodate one or two people. If budget isn’t an issue, consider these kitchen remodeling ideas to make your tiny kitchen look and feel as roomy as possible.

Borrow Some Space

If the layout of your kitchen allows for it, consider tearing down a wall that separates your kitchen from another room. While this won’t actually increase space, it could significantly give your kitchen a sense of airiness.

Level Up your Storage Game

Enjoy more storage without eating up valuable floor space through shelving. These shelves, perhaps finished and trimmed to complement any tile or woodwork, could blend in with your kitchen’s architecture seamlessly. If you don’t have available space in the kitchen for recessed shelving, go carve it out on a wall near your kitchen.

White All The Way

White is a small space’s best friend, as it reflects light, enhances the feel of roominess, and makes walls recede. White cabinets, walls, countertops, kitchen island, and ceiling will make your tiny kitchen seamless without boundaries and edges. Interior designers and kitchen remodeling experts in Fort Wayne, IN noted that the key to using white is to combine different white shades and textures to prevent the room from looking flat. Add some white crown molding for some shadows and interest.

Your Hood

Go for a wall mounted, sleek, vent hood over your cooktop to reduce visual flatness from your walls or wall of cabinetry. While these vent hood types will need 30 inches of space at least between cabinets, which is around the same the under-cabinet types, they provide a lighter and cleaner look.

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Last but not the least, as you have some money to spare, get a professional builder to help you out with your remodeling. This way, you make certain that your money will be spent wisely and that your tiny kitchen won’t look as tiny as it was before.

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