Lawn Maintenance: Controlling Lawn Weed Growth in Your Garden

Man maintaining his lawnEvery gardener dreams of a weed-free lawn. But it’s not an easy goal. Yard work not only takes commitment. It requires knowledge.

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Keeping Weeds Out of Your Lawn

Salt Lake City-based Greenside Landscaping shares that law fertilization holds the key to weed control on your lawn. But you need to do it correctly, from using the right fertilizer to knowing when to apply it.

Another way to keep weeds from growing is to dig deep — analyze your soil. When your lawn is badly infested with weed, it often means that you may be using bad soil or there is a nutrient imbalance. With good soil, your grass can grow and thrive, making it harder for weed to grow because then the pesky lawn “intruder” won’t have space.

So to achieve a weed-free lawn, you need to keep your grass healthy. You have to make sure that your grass is strong and healthy before you use any kind of herbicide. And you need to check if your lawn grows on high-quality soil.

Common Lawn Weeds

The way you treat weed infestation may also vary depending on the type of lawn weeds growing in your garden.

Annual bluegrass. Watering your lawn deeply will stimulate the growth of the roots of your turf making it more resilient during periods of drought. The annual bluegrass will not be able to withstand this because of its shallow root.


You will need to mow high to remove this type of weed. Feed your lawn to encourage the growth of healthy grass.

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White clover

You can easily discourage its growth by keeping your lawn well-fed and healthy.


It is best to water deeply, and with less frequency. Also, don’t forget to mow high.


To maintain even soil moisture, you need to water deeply, instead of frequently. You also need to feed your lawn regularly.

Taking out weeds requires a lot of time and effort. Fortunately, you can prevent their growth on your garden. Alternatively, you can also hire lawn management services in Salt Lake City.

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