Let There be Light! And There was Christmas!

Christmas LightsLights primary role is to conquer the darkness and make sure you won’t stumble on that piece of rock in the middle of the road at night while you’re out biking. However, things change once Christmas sets in. Then, lights shelve its lighting role and take on a more decorative function – ushering the holiday season in by bringing awe and wonder everywhere to everyone’s delight.

Lighting the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Commercial Christmas lights may come in all shapes and sizes, from commercial icicle bars to commercial rope lights. One thing is certain, though. These lights are uniquely unusual, spreading magic all over town.

You don’t have to look far to realize the merits of commercial Christmas lights. Just imagine how dry and lackluster your Christmas tree is without them. That should tell you and your entire household need them more than any.

There’s justice in all the eye-captivating twinkling lights on display for the holiday season, however. Data collected from 20,000 respondents all over the country by happiness guru Matt Killingsworth, revealed that people are “happier than usual” during the holidays and happiest on Christmas Day despite the fact that not everyone celebrates it.

Not the Lights that They Used to Be

If you look back in time, you’ll see that commercial Christmas lights didn’t start as electrical in nature.

As many may have guessed, the idea sprung from the custom of lighting candles on Christmas trees long ago. And like candles on a birthday cake, candles were set around the tree for dad or grandpa to light up and subsequently blow out minutes later while everyone gathered around.

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It may all seem a wonderful tradition. However, as expected, utilizing candles posed a serious downside – dangerous fires. Thanks to Edward Johnson, Thomas Edison’s employee, these candles were replaced by a string of colored lights, a set-up which soon captivated the whole of America. Also, seeing the golden opportunity to advertise, Edison puts up a series of incandescent bulbs around his laboratory in Menlo Park in 1880 wowing the crowd – in effect creating the first Christmas light.

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