Maintaining Your Home Plumbing System

Water tube leakingPlumbing systems will require inspections and repairs at least every once in a while. Giving your plumbing system a little more attention, though, can prolong its life and stop small problems from becoming costly fixes. The specialists at Expert Plumbing, Heating, Air and Electrical recommend that as a home owner, you should inspect your plumbing regularly and watch out for any signs of plumbing problems. Emergency plumbers are available in Eagle Mountain, but it is still vital to implement these proper maintenance practices in your home.

Don't Pour Grease into Your Drains

Cooking oil cools and hardens as it goes down the drain. If you continuously pour oil into your sink, the result will be a clogged plumbing system. Instead of pouring cooking oil down the drain, pour it into a juice or milk carton and dispose of it as regular garbage. If you accidentally pour some grease down the drain, wash it down with a mixture of hot water, baking soda, and vinegar.

Install Drain Filters

Drain filters catch and hold soap silvers, hair, and other potential clogging agents, making it easy for you to dispose of them before they block the bathroom drains.

Identify the Main Shutoff Switch

There are many valves around your home, but there is usually one that can shut them all off. The main valve is often in your home basement, towards the side nearest the street. Once you find this valve, check to see if it works. In the event of piping emergencies such as pipe bursts, even before you call a plumber, shut off the water valve. Label the valve so that every family member can quickly identify this valve in case of an emergency.

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Keep Your Pipes Warm

To prevent your pipes from freezing in cold weathers, wrap them with foam insulation.

Inspecting your plumbing systems regularly and implementing the above maintenance practices will help you avoid costly repairs.

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