New Home Designs Border on Eco-Friendliness and Sustainability

an eco-friendly home conceptHomes are always evolving. The needs of the times require that home designs also change accordingly. This has created a dynamics in new houses. There is vibrancy in the evolving designs. New home builders in Townsville understand the need of today’s owners. They want modern spaces and sensibilities in the design of their home.

2018 Trends

Home building is a tricky business because of the nature of fashion and design. Design, by its nature, repeats itself. There are few truly new design concepts, and these too often do not pan out. On the other hand, when a design is rebooted for the modern owner, there is faster acceptance because it is familiar.

For 2018, one trend that has its roots in other influences is that of the small space. Worldwide, small houses are being given their due. The idea revolves around minimalist design and an owner’s need to live a simpler life.

A smaller home requires less energy. At the same time, space is used creatively leading to interesting small living spaces. This trend gives architects the opportunity for responsible and economical compact houses, which are also eco-friendly.

Going Natural

Being conscious of the environment, the movement makes use of natural materials, passive solar design, and hypo-allergenic insulation. If possible, there would be the same energy capturing devices attached to the roof. Along with the solar panels would be the batteries allowing the use of captured energy and during off-peak hours.

Another trend that shows the need for eco-friendly ideas is that of external cladding. The materials used here include concrete, exposes handmade bricks, and timbers. These materials save the home-owner a significant amount for cladding alone. Also, architects work on these materials to provide a natural feel to the house. As the house ages, these eco-friendly cladding is also expected to give the place character and naturally rugged beauty.

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Home-owners like to have houses that follow the trends of modern design. These designs are prominent for their being eco-friendly. In a few years, these same houses will have aged exterior cladding projecting a natural aura.

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