Nonslip Bathroom Flooring Options for Families with Seniors

Modern BathroomThe bathroom is one of the most used spaces at home. But this wet zone can likewise be dangerous, particularly for ageing adults. To avoid accidents, it is wise to remodel your bathroom with a safe and accessible design in mind. Installing non-slip flooring is a good way to make your bathroom safer for the members of your family.

Here are some flooring options recommended by flooring specialists:

1. Rubber Flooring

Rubber flooring is a great safety upgrade. This option is not slick when wet and is easy to maintain. It likewise creates a soft surface that is forgiving both underfoot and after fall accidents. But keep in mind that rubber flooring is usually expensive, and it may not be as aesthetically pleasing as other bathroom flooring options.

2. Non-Slip Vinyl

Non-slip vinyl is an excellent flooring choice for families with a senior member. It is likewise easy to install and maintain.

3. Cork or Bamboo

Cork is soft, warm and comfortable underfoot, and quite forgiving if a fall happens. This eco-friendly flooring, however, quickly absorbs moisture if it is not sealed correctly. Industry experts from Handy Sanders recommend asking experienced flooring specialists to install your flooring to ensure quality work and maximum safety.

4. Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floors are clean and easy to maintain. Floor sanding helps the flooring withstand the foot traffic and increases its safety. Moisture exposure, however, may be an issue.

5. Carpet

Choose carpet if you want to have a warm surface in your bathroom. Carpet offers an additional layer of protection in case of a fall. It is well textured to reduce the risk of fall or slip. Keeping carpets clean and dry is a challenge, though.

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If you have an ageing family member or you want to grow old in your current home, consider remodelling and accessibility. Choose flooring with high slip resistance and better texture.

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