Office Decor that Inspires a New Look

Stylish workspace with computerThe right pieces of decor can greatly change the look and feel of an office. Whether you plan to achieve a new theme or just add hints of charm, you can find the best decorative items online to help you self-design your own workspace. 

There are many ways to improve the way your office looks and feels. Without refurbishing, you can highlight certain areas of your office by adding a decorative object or curio. It can be as simple as the bonsai plant atop a tall vase at one of the Google offices’ reception.

Or the modern geometrical art piece decorating an entire wall at AOL. Even the delightfully bright yellow PVC couches at the JWT advertising firm. The idea is to create surprising spaces with an interesting piece of decor or furniture. 

Start small and simple

The choice of decorative object is crucial. There are forms of curios you can find online these days. You should consider your current theme. If you are looking to build a trendy industrial look, you can buy vintage lamps online like the ones they sell at Urban95, start with a few, and add into different areas.

Get an Edison-inspired table lamp to bring out the industrial look of the bookshelf. Try out a rustic pharmacy stand lamp at the couch to dramatize the waiting area. When you see it working for you, you can go bigger and install a vintage chandelier at the office reception. It can make quite a first impression. 

Get your team together

Also, consult your team members on the way they want their areas to feel. Different objects within the same theme can highlight different spaces. Individuals may want just a hint of the theme because they require more working desk space.

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The collaborative area may be able to accommodate a larger piece, such as decorative panels for that can be folded away to create more space. 

With the wide range of decor available online, you can easily self-design your own office. Not only is it cost-effective, but companies are also self-designing because the results often best represent the company philosophy and the personality of its people. 

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