Paying the Price: Is a Gas Hot Water System Worth the Cost?

Hot Water System in PerthWhen it comes to choosing a hot water heating system for your Perth home, know that you have several options. There is the traditional gas, and then there is the electric, heat pump, and solar alternatives. Each has its own fair share of benefits. More use gas though, and for many good reasons.

To help you understand this, take a look at this comparison.

Gas vs. Solar

One of the best things about solar heating units is that they have the lowest operational costs. They also produce the least in greenhouse gas emissions. However, they are the priciest when it comes to installation. Even with rebates, you may not have the funds to have one installed. Add to that the fact that most need boosters for days without much sunlight.

Although gas costs a bit more to operate than solar, gas heaters still remain one of the cheapest to run and they also produce low greenhouse gas emissions.

Gas vs. Heat Pumps

Heat pumps work through exterior heat extraction (much like how reverse cycle air conditioning systems work). According to industry expert Pacer Plumbing, these units store water in tanks, like gas heaters. They typically have good heating efficiency and low greenhouse gas emissions. However, the biggest difference they have with gas heaters is price.

Compared to gas units, heat pumps cost more to install, operate, and maintain. They also have one other major problem: noise.

Gas vs. Electric

Electric hot water heaters use coils to heat water, making them efficient. However, this kind of heating method eats up a lot of resources and produces more greenhouse gases. And with the rise in electricity costs, you can already see the appeal of going gas instead of electric.

The final choice is still up to you, but take into consideration the benefits and advantages that gas has over its counterparts. All the good that these units can bring you already answers your question about whether gas hot water systems are worth it or not.

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