Preparing Your Home for the Elderly and Disabled

A picture of stairliftMobility is an issue for most seniors and people with disabilities. If you have an elderly family member or a loved one suffering from a disability moving into your house, here are the things you need to keep in mind to make sure they stay comfortable in your home:

Plan and pack

Plan ahead for their transfer. Set an exact date when you think your house is prepared for its new occupant. Yes, you will need big adjustments, especially in your space. If there are things in your home that need to be kept, pack them up and store them in your storage room. Identify the areas where your loved one will be staying or frequenting the most.


Is your home accessible enough to them? You may need to install some equipment to help them gain access to the bathroom, for instance. Aside from buying walk-in tubs, risers for toilet seats, and grab bars for the shower, you can also install stair lifts in your Denver home to make life easier for your loved one.

Also, provide better lighting for your home, especially at night. You might also want to install a buzzer or an intercom, so your loved one can alert you immediately when they need something.

Provide their prescription needs

If they are taking maintenance or prescription medicines, you need to refill it ahead of time, especially if your home is far away from any pharmacy.

To make sure that you won’t miss anything, have a checklist of everything you and your loved one need before the transfer or during their stay. Also, don’t forget to have a list of the emergency contact numbers you need to get in touch with.

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Lastly, make your loved ones feel at home and safe during their stay. Make them feel that they are welcome not just physically but emotionally and mentally too. It helps to know that you care.

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