Protect Your Property With More Than Lock and Key

Lock and key on white backgroundSecurity systems come in four different types. Choosing a system that is ideal for you could boost your chances of protecting your property and your family. While a reliable locksmith could dispense reliable guidance to assist you in finding the ideal security system in Chicago, Illinois, you may want to acquaint yourself with some basics about the options you have.

Monitored System

The monitored system is perhaps the most common one. It works by contacting a call center whenever the alarm is triggered. The call center then alerts the police. Make sure to keep your phone lines hidden to prevent some burglars from breaking the connection.

Unmonitored System

The unmonitored system lets a siren go off loudly anytime the alarm gets tripped. In this case, monitoring fees can be dodged as you or your neighbors could be alerted of the illegal entry.

 Wireless Systems

This kind of system is readily available at most hardware stores. You could use your wireless alarm to pick settings of your choice. In case of a break in, you may opt to use cameras, motion detectors, beams or sensors to capture an image of the trespassers or send the necessary notifications to the authorities.

Electric Current System

Electric current systems need to be installed at the same time your property is being built. Having a proper system could boost the security measures of your home by notifying you anytime a window or door is opened.

If you are interested in security systems in Chicago, Illinois, a proficient locksmith could help you find the best security for your home. These experts could lend a hand with installations, repairs and maintenance. They could also offer other security solutions that could expand your security system.

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