Rethinking the Suburban Landscape: The Elements of a Good Neighborhood

Suburban LandscapeFor many in the country, the goal of living in a place that’s a cut above the rest often means looking at the metro’s many gated communities and suburban developments. Philippine suburbia has always been associated with class and affluence, though many today are considerably more affordable now thanks to the development of many new areas and districts.

The fact that the country’s major metropolitan area is dangerously crowded also means it’s a bit unsafe starting a family in the main city centers. But before you decide on the suburbs you and your family will be moving to, have you considered what exactly makes a suburban neighborhood good?

Accessibility and Exclusivity

The fact that there are so many new suburban developments now means you’ve got to be careful on your choice. The last thing you want to do, after all, is invest in a plot of land or property that’s in an unbearable setting.

So what exactly are the main criteria for a ‘good’ neighborhood? While there are two main considerations; namely, accessibility and exclusivity, the former should be the priority.

One of the main struggles in terms of living in a suburban area is how far you often have to travel just to get from one place to another. Many developers try to make their neighborhoods and subdivisions too exclusive, and the result is a place that’s too far from the main city centers, or even the modern conveniences of everyday living.

The ideal suburban development isn’t 100% backwater and rural. Many developers have incorporated miniature city centers within their residential developments to address this concern. Many of the houses listed at are located in suburbs that are just a short drive away from the main city centers. The residential developments south of the Metro, in particular, are just a ten to fifteen minute drive away from Makati’s bustling metropolitan hub.

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How Exclusive Should Exclusive Be?

As mentioned before, the main problem with living in the big city is how dangerously crowded it has become in the past few years. Whether you’re living alone or building a family, the kind of environment isn’t exactly ‘friendly’ to both your health and sanity.

The term ‘exclusive’ encompasses both the private nature of suburban living, along with security. The latter is obviously your priority, but the two often go hand in hand. While the statistics aren’t strong enough to establish that living in a gated community is safer (as its exclusive nature usually makes it the first target for thieves), the fact that there’s a sense of community in these developments establishes that safe atmosphere that’s otherwise absent in the big city centers. So if you’re planning on making the most out of your new suburb, it really pays to be a good neighbor.

While there are actually many elements to a good suburban neighborhood, accessibility and exclusivity should be what you prioritize in your search of a new home. The country’s suburbs are the best choice to start raising a family, and the fact that many suburban developments are more accessible now only means that there’s really no reason to live in the heart of the country’s busy city centers.

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