Should You Buy a Real Christmas Tree?

Christmas Tree in St. PaulChristmas at home will not be complete without the focal point of the decorations: the holiday tree.

In some states in the U.S., certain houses have become well known for the use of natural trees to complement their residential Christmas lighting decorations. Buying a real tree instead of an artificial one gives off an intensified feeling that you are truly celebrating Christmas in the most genuine way, aside from many other benefits, of course.

Go Green

Natural trees are a better alternative because of the required time it takes to grow them, which normally occurs within eight to 10 years. That’s already a positive thing for the environment alone, as the tree has served its purpose (e.g. providing oxygen, habitat for animals) during the time prior to its harvest.

In addition, trees for Christmas grow on land that is unsuitable for other plants. This means that if you buy one and have it cut down, one will immediately take its place. As Christmas only happens once a year, the scenario of pine trees going into extinction remains highly unlikely.

To promote the use of natural trees, some private companies are collaborating with non-profit groups to advance the cause.

Trees for Troops

The Trees for Troops program is a joint venture between FedEx and the Christmas SPIRIT Foundation. It began in 2005 and since then, U.S. service members and their families have received more than 176,000 real Christmas trees donated by farmers.

This 2016, the program is celebrating its 12th year anniversary as it plans to ship over 18,000 natural trees across North America in the weeks leading to December 25.

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Ann O’Connor, Christmas SPIRIT Foundation executive director, said that the program not only helps spread the joy of Christmas to service members that spend time away from their loved ones, but also allow tree growers to participate in the season of giving.

Now, with all these reasons to get a real Christmas tree, you should also start looking for your own.

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