Solar Heating Your Pool? Key Factors to Consider

Swimming PoolHarnessing the power of the sun to heat a swimming pool not only lowers your energy bills but also lets you use the pool for longer. This article highlights some of the important considerations to make when buying your system.

Heated swimming pools are in vogue as an increasing number of people embrace the possibilities of extending the use of their pool all year round. Rather than covering and leaving it until the weather breaks, says heating a pool allows you to indulge even in the most insidious weather.

Choice of heating method

Keeping a large body of water at above freezing temperature in frigid weather takes a considerable amount of effort. Or does it? While electric or gas heating works just fine, they might leave you with a hefty bill at the end of each month. By embracing a combination system with solar pool heating and gas or electric, Perth residents remove any cost limitation that might influence the frequency of use.

Install the right system

A solar pool heating system utilises a series of collectors on your roof to harness the power of the sun to heat the water which then pumps into the pool. A solar pump circulates the water between the collector and pool to keep it at the desirable temperature. As such, using high quality materials will make the heat distribution far better making the entire system a success.

Get the collectors size right

Many factors including pool size, climate, house orientation, frequency of use and desired temperatures influence the area of solar collectors required to be installed on your roof. For best results, consult an expert since they have the experience to ensure your needs are met. A larger system will heat your pool up quicker if you have the roof space available. Typically, the heating systems should be between 80 – 100 percent of the pool surface area. Areas with high cloud cover call for larger systems to keep the pool at the desirable temperatures.

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Heating your swimming pool hinges on having the right heating system and making these considerations significantly help the process.

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