Stepping Away From a Minimalist Garden Design Without Going Overboard

a path-walk decorated with landscapingMore homeowners are choosing minimalist designs in landscaping and architecture for many good reasons. It is functional, modern, calming and hard to mess up aesthetically. The appeal of the minimalist design is in its simplicity. But what if you want to add a warmer, more colorful, and more romantic vibe to your garden? How can you do it without going overboard?

Before you embark on your DIY home improvement project, here is a helpful guide on how to step away from minimalism without overdoing the infusion of texture and color:

Be consistent in your theme

Leave fusion to seasoned designers. Choose a theme and stick to it. For example, the classic Italian courtyard has inspired many beautiful English gardens because of its rustic earthy appeal. It’s mostly greens and fragrant climbers accentuated by just a few colorful flowers. The natural stones used for paving are in warm earthy tones just like classic Italian planters made from terracotta. If you use concrete or cool gray shades, you’d be muddling the overall effect. Authentic Provence notes that whether you love Italian or any other type of thematic design, you should remain faithful to it all throughout.

Go with colorful outdoor furniture

You can bring your garden to life with bright chairs, tables, and tents. This is easier said than done because color combination is a scary area to dabble in for non-designers. If you don’t feel like a pro yet, you can try mixing and matching colors. You can also get an inspiration from some great color palettes online.

Create an environment for colorful flowers to bloom

Give gorgeous blooms adequate space, healthy soil, and the TLC they need to flourish. Yarrow, peonies, and black-eyed Susan’s are examples of dependable perennials that will liven up your garden. Position them in such a way that they accentuate an otherwise dull space and observe proper spacing so they do not crowd the eye.

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It pays to be more adventurous in designing the different parts of your home. It would break the monotony of neutral hues and geometric shapes and help you express your personality in your living space.

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