Striking a Balance Between Installing Holiday Lights and Safety

Holiday Lights in St. PaulWho does not like the sight of Christmas lights brightly coloring homes in the neighborhood? Decorating every corner of the home is a centuries’ old tradition that many wait eagerly every year. As usual, ladders will be used and gutters would support such holiday lighting fixtures.

How many people will focus on the safety of the roof, electrical installations and other components? This is a serious concern considering that many people visit the hospital for related cases annually, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Ladder Safety

For a top-of-the-range holiday decoration, you may want to pay for holiday lighting services. There are also decorations that you can do yourself, mostly using a ladder. If you have risk factors such as blood thinning medication and balance problems, avoid climbing ladders. It is important to check the weather since a winter storm is particularly dangerous.

Proper Installation

A sure way to fail in holiday lights installation is to use the wrong items and methods. As you unpack the lights, inspect them for any damage. Are the cords in perfect condition? If there’s a flaw, discard the lights and get new ones. When it comes to installation, use the right clips and hooks.

Full Body Harness

No doubt, roof decorations keep the neighborhood sparkling. Installing these decorations can cause serious injuries or even death. Fortunately, there are different fall safety measures for this kind of job. Regardless of the pitch and type of roof, a full body harness will always come in handy. Due to the risk involved in this work, consider getting help from holiday lighting experts.

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Gutter and Roof Integrity

Installing Christmas lights means interfering with gutters, roof and anything else used to support the installations. Whatever you do, maintain the integrity of the roof and gutters. For example, do not leave holes on these home components because such holes become intrusion points for water.

When the holiday mood sets in, it is easy to forget personal safety. Being alert about holiday lighting safety may be all you need for an accident-free season. Make sure you have a good time by getting the balance between holiday lighting and safety right.

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