Strong and Independent: How Single Moms Become Super Moms

Single Mom In ColoradoSingle motherhood is a growing societal trend. In the United States, 1 out of 4 children under the age of 18 is from a family led by a single mom. As such, 49% of these single moms have never married and 51% have been divorced, separated, or widowed.

Despite having to work twice as hard for their families — or maybe in spite of it — single moms manage to give their children what they need. Here’s how they manage to become super moms.

They Aren’t Afraid to Seek Help

Some people believe that asking for help is a sign of weakness. Single moms, however, know that assistance is perfectly okay. In fact, they understand the need to entrust their children to other people, from day care centers, such as Kids Town, LLC, to grandparents who simply want to babysit, even for just a few hours.

It also helps that some communities make the effort to show their support for these moms. For example, a community church and a faith-based organization in Colorado arranged a charity event to help single moms with tasks such as oil change and car repair. Such events and similar community involvement make the tasks they’ve taken on in life just a little lighter.

They Help Each Other Out

Statistics from the US Census Bureau show that 84% of single parent families are single-mom families, and two-thirds of these single moms work outside their homes. A lot of single moms are out there working for their families, meaning they encounter and help each other because they understand the situation.

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The slogan “Strong, Independent Woman” is an especially empowering one for single moms. They know that strength and independence also mean having to depend on others sometimes, and a lot of times, that means each other.

Being a super mom doesn’t mean having to do every single thing for one’s family. It means knowing when to accept help and when to offer it as well.

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