The 3 Effects of Improper Drying After Water Damage

Man applying mold protection paint on white wallFloods, leaking pipes, and burst sewers are some of the most common causes of water damage. Timely and proper intervention is crucial in saving your home and belongings when dealing with the possible disasters it might bring. Vacuum cleaners and mops will do little in mitigating its effects, so might as well have more options.

Call an expert water damage restoration service provider in BC regardless of the extent of the damage. These experts will assess your property and use the best possible means to ensure that your home is completely dry and hazard-free. DIY drying techniques will leave your home improperly dried and could lead to the following consequences:

Mold Growth

In damp conditions, mold spores reproduce at a faster rate. In most cases, you recognize the mold growth when it's already beyond control. By this time, unfortunately, your family may have acquired respiratory complications and your building might be condemned.

Structural Damage

Dry walls continue to absorb moisture, causing them to swell and warp. Over time, this compromises the building’s structural integrity. This is especially dangerous when the support beams and foundation are involved. Even the simple warping of dry walls could lead to the formation of a hole, which widens gradually and might render your home unlivable.

Fungal Decay

Fungal decay that occurs on moist surfaces can cause extensive damage to wooden furniture and floors. Dry rot is a serious type of fungal decay, which only requires a moisture presence of 20% to thrive and spreads at a faster rate than wet rot. Exposure to fungal decay causes your wooden floors and furniture to rot, warp, or split.

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While you might think you're saving money by drying water damaged areas, this is far from reality. The expenses incurred from improper drying are higher than those incurred in hiring professionals to dry your home. Keep your home and belongings safe by leaving water damage restoration to the experts.

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