The Essential Guide to House Foundation Maintenance

Rebuilding a homeNeglecting to maintain your home’s foundation can lead to costly repair and even severe damage. Although hiring foundation repair contractors such as Van Matre Construction, LLC can help you fix the issue, you could have saved your money on something else if you could have only maintained it.

But there’s still a way on how to ensure its long life. Here are a few steps on how to maintain your foundation properly and ensure its durability.

Check the foundation

A home’s foundation usually lasts for several years. But you might want to keep an eye on it especially if you notice any cracks. Although most breaks are generally just on the surface, some cracks may expand and can continue to grow.

You may want to mark the length and note the crack’s width to monitor it. If you notice the cracks are expanding, then it’s best to ask help from a structural engineer.

Drain water away from your house

Ensure that your house’s drainage system is properly working. Keep in mind that soil can dramatically expand when exposed to water, which can put pressure on your foundation. You may want to install inground drains to help remove any stagnant water bear the foundation.

You may also want to consider installing downspouts so you can direct any rainwater away from your foundation as well.

Know when to reach out for help

Watch out for any signs of leaky gutters or cracks on the foundation. You also have to ensure that pipe joints tight enough so there’ll be problems with condensation. You should also ensure that you prevent snow from piling up against the foundation and direct the water flow away from the house.

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You should patch all water leaks and repair cracks should right away.

Knowing how to maintain your house’ foundation properly is crucial if you want to make it last for years to come. You may want to consider hiring an expert to check your house’s foundation thoroughly.

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