The Most Common Residential Door Installation

Door installationAre you looking for the perfect door to match your beautiful home? You have many choices based on the material of the door: timber, wood, bamboo, glass, steel, aluminium, fibreglass, plastic, and PVC. But how it will be installed is another question.

There are different types of door installations for various purposes. You may choose the traditional way, a space-saving cavity slider door, or the extra wide French opening. For reference, these are the two most common door installation types you can choose from: hinged and sliding doors.

Hinged Doors

Installing single, vertical axis hinged door is the most common choice for residential use. This design needs additional back-door space where the door will swing by. In contrast, a swing door opens both inside and out and supported by a spring.

People install French doors as front entrances. It is composed of two vertical axes hinged doors. On the other hand, Dutch doors have two doors; however, the design is made of a single, vertical axis hinged door split in half, horizontally.

Sliding Doors

If you are looking for space-saving door, the best option is to install a sliding door. While it is mostly fixed on closets, many home-owners find that front sliding door maximises the space of their living room, the first section of their house.

Houses with side porch and backyard normally have sliding glass doors; however, you can only open one while the other serves as window panel. Speaking of a panel, you will need two wall panels if you want to install a cavity slider door, commonly known as a pocket door.

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There are other installation types and materials available. Collapsible steel doors and rolling steel shutters are for warehouses and stores, although you may see these doors installed for those who converted part of their house into an office. Choose wisely.

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