The Perfect Fit for Your Backyard: Plunge Pools

Boy swimming in the poolA backyard pool is the best place to unwind after a hard day’s work or when you wish to cool off from the heat. It’s the dream for some homeowners; for those with smaller backyards, it will always be just a dream.

How Can You Fit a Massive Pool in a Small Backyard?

A small space, however, does not mean you can’t join in the pool fun. With plunge pools, you can enhance backyard aesthetic, save space and promote better health and wellness.

A Smaller Pool

Guardian Industries, a pool supplier, calls plunge pools as ‘spa pools in your backyard’. Your plunge pool in Perth comes with a compact basin meant for lounging and wading, not swimming long laps. Compared to traditional pools, these trendy and smaller installations are ideal for homeowners who just want to keep cool.

It’s the perfect hybrid between a hot-tub and an in-ground pool. No need to worry about overhauling the backyard; plunge pools demand smaller spaces and do not require heavy maintenance.

Beneficial for the Health

Apart from enhancing your backyard and offering recreation, plunge pools also improve your health. Recovering after a strenuous workout is better when you take a quick dip in your pool.

Regular dips in plunge pools improve blood circulation, regulate your blood pressure and also build a better immune system. The cold water numbs the nerves in your body, which encourages the release of endorphins. As a natural reaction, your body lets go of the stress in the muscle and joints.

Some plunge pools come with adjustable water jets, which transform it into a hydrotherapy pool that adequately works out your muscles.

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A bigger backyard is not a requirement to enjoy a dip. With a plunge pool, you can relax whenever you want.

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