The Real Danger That Faulty Furnaces Bring to Utah Homes

Plumber Fixing Gas FurnaceFurnaces go a long way to keeping your home comfortable and cozy, especially during the long cold days of the Utah winter season. This alone should already make you strive hard to keep it fully functional for as long as possible. Besides, they don’t come cheap, so you want to have your current one reach – or even exceed – its intended lifespan.

But there’s another huge reason to take good care of your heating system, or if it’s already malfunctioning, contact a Utah furnace repair specialist right away. Continued use of a faulty furnace can cause your house to go down in a fire.

A leading cause of house fires in the State

Every year, hundreds of house fires take place in Utah, resulting in many people sustaining injuries, even deaths. And many of these accidents occurred due to malfunctioning furnaces.

Several things can go wrong with this type of heating equipment that can lead to a fire. For example, the length of time that you don’t use the furnace – such as during the summer season – will pave the way for dust and debris accumulation. These things alone can already cause a fire, and even if they don’t, they can block certain components of the system, causing added stress and pressure to it.

It’s normal for a furnace to produce a distinctive smell when lit up after a long time of rest, but if the odor remains in the air for a long time, it already signals something is wrong. In this case, contact a service personnel right away.

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Failed temperature gauge

A furnace can also cause a house fire when its temperature gauge has already failed. In this situation, the heating system may cause the fuel storage hopper to ignite. A broken ignition system may prevent the heater from turning off as soon as it reaches maximum temperature, possibly leading to a fire and even explosion.

As convenient and comforting as furnaces are, they can also pose serious dangers, especially with improper use and incorrect maintenance. Avoid putting your family in risky situations by having an HVAC professional fix issues with it right away.

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