The Rule of Three in Kitchen Interior Design

Modern kitchen interiorContrary to what most people think, interior design isn’t just about arranging things that “just feel right.” For industry experts such as Accent Interiors, there are rules in design you have to apply to achieve a look that is right. One of those rules is the rule of three.

The Magic Number

The rule of three simply states that things arranged in odd numbers are more aesthetically pleasing. How? Well, the brain likes to put order when processing information. With three, it’s easier to find a center point and make sense of things.

This ease and non-confusion make a particular look visually appealing. What’s more, odd numbers look more natural and unforced, compared with evenly arranged things, which look staged.

When applied properly, the rule of three can create visual interest in the space. A lot of interior designers in Utah say that this principle is often forgotten by most homeowners, keeping them from making the most aesthetic potential for their space.

Improved Kitchen Design

Kitchen designs can do very well with the rule of three. In a space that’s supposed to look neat and in order, this principle is necessary.

One way you can apply the rule of three in the kitchen is through color palettes. With your magic number, you should be able to fill 60% of the space with your main color, 30% with the secondary color, and then 10% as the accent color.

For example, you can have white as your main color, covering all walls and floors, beige as your secondary color, for those cabinets, and black as the accent color, for those chairs, pendant lights, and kitchen countertops. Utah interior designers say that this color palette is one of the top choices because it works well in any home, whether it is modern or country style.

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Another way you can incorporate the rule of three is through textures. Use different textures as you introduce different colors in the space. This will help in keeping the space from looking flat.

So, taking the example again above, you may want to get stone tiles for your white walls and have black marble countertops and velvet chairs. Remember, maximize different textures in the space.

The rule of three is a principle you can’t do away with — unless you don’t want a visually appealing kitchen. Apply this principle to create instant visual interest in your space.

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