There’s More to Swimming than You Give it Credit for

Benefits of SwimmingDo you want to have a fit body, but you don’t like strenuous activities? Consider swimming. It’s a good cardio and total body workout. It’s also a fun way to lose fat. Here are some reasons you should definitely decide to make swimming a hobby.

  1. Low impact exercise

Swimming doesn’t involve ground impacts like in running or jogging, therefore, your joints are protected from the pressures and strain. This is good for people with arthritis or other joint problems.

  1. Good for a total workout

One of the many benefits of swimming is increased cardiopulmonary fitness and endurance. One clinical study involving participants with sedentary lifestyles showed improved maximal oxygen consumption by 10% and an increase in heart strength after only 12 weeks of swim training.

Apart from health benefits, swimming is also a good way to increase muscle mass. This was supported by a study showing a 23.8% increase in the triceps of male participants who completed an eight-week swimming course.

  1. Great way to spend your summer

Swimming offers an escape from the blistering heat during the summer. The cooling effect the water provides, plus the fluid movement of your body, makes swimming a relaxing workout.

  1. Everyone can enjoy

Swimming is also a good bonding activity for the entire family. Add some burgers, hotdogs and colourful beach balls and you’re all set for a fun family bonding time.

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