These 4 Interesting Facts About Rain Will Blow Your Mind

Facts About RainNature will forever remain mysterious. Human beings keep inventing new technology to aid in the understanding of nature and also benefit from natural resources.

Right here in WA, for example, one such resource is rainwater which can now comfortably be harvested and utilised using quality rainwater tanks. The following facts about rain will simply blow your mind:

Strange things Falling from the Sky

Some parts of the Earth experience strange phenomena when it rains. Unusual things fall from the sky; it rains small fish and tadpoles, for example. In fact, the ‘rain of fish’ is a typical event in Honduran folklore. Maybe it might soon start raining cats and dogs, literally! Scientists have yet to establish the cause of these. The findings would be interesting.

Rain Too Has Colors

There is a type of rain which contains enough dust that is noticeable to the naked eye. Some places have experienced devastating storms in which the rain was shaded red. Other colors like black, green, and yellow have also been reported. There are places where people screamed for their lives when it started raining ‘blood.’

Rain on Other Planets

Rainfall occurs on other planets too. However, it’s different from the rain on Earth. In other planets, it might be made of sulfur, neon or methane. On the planet Saturn, for instance, the precipitation is pure methane rather than water. This is one of the reasons these planets cannot support life like this planet can.

Rain Is Not Always Water

If it rains in the desert, chances are, you might not get wet. This type of rain is called phantom rain because it is difficult to tell whether it rained or not. The droplets fade away under the scorching influence of hot air. It would be funny to tell someone it has just rained yet you can’t see the droplets!

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These are just some interesting facts about rain. The best thing about them is that you don’t need to be a geography major to enjoy amazing information about something as common as rain.

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