Three Home Remodeling Projects That Promise Better Returns

Home RemodelingEver worried about the effect of a remodeling idea on your home’s value years into the future? If you have, that’s good, because you are less likely to make a remodeling decision you’ll regret. To ease your mind, consider these remodeling ideas that have a higher likelihood of increasing your home’s value.

Minor Changes in the Bathroom

Replacing the tile, toilet, sink, tub, and other elements in your bathroom can cost upwards of $10,000. But in a few years, the changes can pay for themselves; if you sell, the changes in your bathroom can lead to a 102% recoup. Not bad for a few days’ work.

If you want to have these changes but remodeling is not your DIY cup of tea, it’s better to call custom home builders in Minnesota than risk taking on a job you might botch or can’t finish.

One reminder: you might be able to reglaze your tub instead of replacing it. This can save you hundreds of dollars while making your tub look like new.


In most cases, exterior remodeling is more effective than interior work when it comes to recouping costs. Siding, for example, automatically adds renewed curb appeal. Cracked, peeling, faded, or missing siding is an instant turn-off, so expect such problems to deduct from your home’s value. Changing your siding — to the contrary — instantly makes your home look better, so expect a 100% return come selling time.

Doors and Windows

Especially if you live in an old house, the doors and windows are typically not insulative. Replacing them with new ones graded for insulation can add not only curb appeal but comfort and energy conservation, factors that buyers value in a home. Recoup values often run above 100%.

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These changes have a higher chance of giving your home added value if you ever decide to sell. Prioritize them if you are thinking of remodeling your home this 2017.

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