Top Exterior Home design Trends for 2018

View of a home interiorTextures and neutral palettes still dominate exterior home design trends this 2018. It’s easy to see why, as most homeowners lean toward simple yet sophisticated contemporary styles when constructing their new home. The exterior layout should also extend into garden design and landscaping to make one cohesive and unified look. Trusted home builder shares some of the most popular trends that will inspire you.

Natural Finishes

Interest in mid-century modernist houses is resurfacing this year, and designers can’t get enough of building materials that remind us of nature. Go for timber with a lightly stained or clear, natural finish, and ditch those that are disguised by heavy paint. You can also leave garage and front doors with their authentic color.


Self-patterned and contrasting textures are the forefront of this year’s trends. Textured surfaces used to be the highlight of interior design, but now it’s taking the scene for exteriors as well. Use a mixture of stones and bricks to create a dynamic exterior that adds curb appeal to your home. Roofing, trims, and gutters also come in a wide array of textured finishes that you can choose from.


The classic yet charming appeal of neutral colors – beiges, greys, and off-whites – is here to stay, but architects are leaning toward a more sophisticated way of utilizing them. You can enhance the subtle allure of your neutral palette by combining it different materials like mid-grey bricks, dark grey roofing, and silvery grey concrete.

Improved Landscape Elements

Rather than be left as less important afterthoughts, peripheral elements of the home’s environment are gaining new attention. The trend is to upgrade even the smallest details such as the sheds, fences, water tanks, and garage doors to create a unified surrounding and streetscape.

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This year’s styles are focused on facades that are dynamic but easy to maintain. If you’re planning on building a new home, these design trends will surely increase your property’s value and appeal.

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