Top Reasons Your Garage Door Won’t Open

Garage Doors ServiceWhen you install a garage door on your residential or commercial property, you expect it to be in working order always so it can fulfill its functions. However, even the best of them malfunction at some point.

Knowing some of the common problems that affect a garage door is essential. It ensures that you’re aware of how to react to the problem easily and quickly. One common issue that warrants a call to garage door repair professionals in Utah is when it won’t close or open. Here are some of the causes of this mishap.

Broken Springs

When the springs break or become loose, the door won’t shut. Most doors use one or two torsion springs, which are only functional for a specific period. Once the number of close and open cycles is exhausted, they become loose and will need to be replaced for the door to function.

Improper Setting of Garage Door Limits

This issue is common among new doors. The open and close limit settings for the door’s opener needs to be properly set. If not, the garage door will tend to close all the way but go back up immediately as opposed to remaining put in a closed position.

Misalignment of the Track

If the alignment of the track on which the door runs isn’t efficient, the movement will be impeded. The track may become askew if there are gaps in the rollers and bends on the rails. This makes the door dangerous to operate. Realignment is essential to secure it and ensure that there are no issues while operating it.

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Other reasons you may be having issues with the opening and closing of your garage door include obstructions of the sensors, blocking of the door, and when the disconnect switch is enabled. If it was manually locked, the garage door won’t open with a remote. Check on it to know if you can fix the issue.

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