Top Ways to Deal With Gutter Ice Issues

A frozen roof gutterGutter ice easily accumulates in places that typically experience heavy snow. It usually occurs when water gets in contact with cold metal rain gutters when the temperature reaches 32F (0C) or below. As more chilled water moves into the blocked drainpipe, a gutter ice dam could start to develop.

The succeeding result can be a severe problem that can be costly to repair. Here are some ways to deal with ice buildup in your rain gutter in Utah:

Check for Debris

Examine your downspouts for any debris that could lead to blockage and remove them. If you discover an extension on the bottom, remove it temporarily. If it’s full of ice, take it in a warm room to begin melting the ice.

Get Rid of Snow

Get rid of accumulated snow on your roof, but do this with great care to avoid damaging your shingles. Use a ridged metal rake to remove snow. Try to remove two thirds or half of the snow and it would be enough.

Make a Water Passage

Get rid of gutter ice and start to make a way for water to flow through. Use proper tools, such as a chisel or hammer to do this. Begin removing gutter ice once you’ve raked the snow off your roof. Work on it carefully because your gutter has already gone through substantial tension.

Pour Hot Water

If you cannot wait for the temperature to change, pour hot water over your gutters. Otherwise, the ice will melt as the temperature goes up as soon as you’ve cleared the snow off the roof. It would be ideal to use a hose that has a spray nozzle for this endeavor.

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While it can be quite impossible to keep ice from developing in your gutters, use the strategies above to reduce the tension and avoid roof damage in the long run.

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