Understanding the Link Between Sleeping Posture and Neck Pain

Male Chiropractor in Salt Lake City Doing Neck AdjustmentThe American Physical Therapy Association incriminates poor posture position as one of the chief causes of neck pain and to a certain degree headache. Habitual practices of seemingly harmless activities such as reading in bed can cause a stiff neck. Prevention is better than cure. With neck pain, it begins with awareness of the right sleeping posture together with proper pillow support.

The Major Causes

The strain on the side and back muscles of the neck according to spine-health is responsible for neck pain. Prolonged activities that displace your neck off its natural position will result in a stiff neck. Such activities include:

  • Awkward sleeping posture.
  • Sports induced neck injuries.
  • continuous turning of the head sideways.
  • Poor posture that involves hunching your neck. Common at workstation desk, reading in bed and while operating mobile phone also called text neck.

Management Through Pillow Support

Pillows come in a variety of shapes and designs uniquely crafted to ensure maximum comfort and body alignment. A case in point is the wedged pillow designed for bedtime readers. It’s fashioned to prop up the book and hence maintains your neck in its natural position. To beat a chronic stiff neck, Spine–health advises on using a contoured pillow that conforms to the alignment of the head and neck shape. Consider propping your neck with a horseshoe pillow shaped during long journeys.

It will be wise to invest in a new mattress and pillow with the help of reliable suppliers like The Mattress Department. Collapsed pillows and mattress with inadequate back support contribute to stiff neck cases.

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Management Through Sleeping Posture

Finding the right sleeping posture which according to a publication by The Harvard Medical School involves either sleeping on your back or on your sides. Positions that displaces the neck off its natural position, such as sleeping on your tummy is greatly discouraged.

Awkward postures lead to neck displacement off its natural position causing neck strain. Use of specially designed pillows and correct sleeping posture may relieve stiff neck.

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