Unlevel Flooring and Safety Hazards

Unlevel Flooring in UtahDid you know that residential and commercial properties — any kind of structure, for that matter — can have dangerous foundation problems? Unlevel flooring is one of them.

Caused by weak ground or subsidence, unlevel flooring can appear internally or externally, and in the form of cracks and hairline fractures in the floor. They may also show in the form of sinking, sloping, holes, and voids. Damages to a structure’s foundation can also lead to difficulties in opening and closing doors and windows.

Once you have an unlevel floor, BASEco says numerous potential health and safety hazards can occur. Get them repaired as soon as possible.

Causes of unlevel flooring

There are many factors that can lead to unlevel flooring. Loss or lack of ground moisture can lead to buildings subsiding and their grounds becoming unlevel. The overall weight of the structure (including everything inside it) results in sinking too. Negligence and improper foundation installation can also cause reduced support.

Some of the most likely causes include indoor and outdoor water flooding, droughts, washaways from faulty plumbing, poor fill compaction, and removal of mineral resources. Soil erosion, seismic activities leading to soil liquefaction, tree roots consuming too much ground moisture, and vibrations caused by machinery or heavy traffic also contribute.

Fixing unlevel flooring

Whatever caused the unlevel flooring in your home or commercial property, know that you have plenty of options to relevel and reinforce their support. One of the most effective is through working with a Utah company specializing in concrete raising services.

These companies have expert and trained technicians in the raising, releveling, and reinforcing of unlevel building floorings. They use correct treatment for the unlevel ground. Depending on the severity of your foundation problems, as well as your specific requirements, they can use a variety of methods to allow for the foundation to become level again.

Structural problems, especially unlevel flooring, can cause trips, slips, falls, and even more serious accidents. Once you notice a part of your home sinking or any of the mentioned symptoms of unlevel flooring, do something about them. 

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