Unplug the Children: Allow Them to Play Outside

Kids playing outdoorsA national survey has found that Australian children are becoming increasingly addicted to electronic devices, with children 12 and above spending over three hours each weekday on their screens. This number increases at the weekend.

The addictive nature of televisions, laptops and mobile devices was underestimated when these products were invented. Whilst computer technology has given people the possibility of instant communication anywhere in the world, it has also threatened the traditional play of childhood, such as playing football, building dens and using imagination.

Children’s fascination with screens is in part being blamed for the rising epidemic of childhood obesity. Kids as young as four spend over two hours each day looking at screens, mostly to watch TV and videos or download content. As sedentary lifestyle shortens people’s lifespan, this trend has medical experts worried.

Parents Hooked to Screens

Parents themselves are hooked to screens too, with the average Australian adult spending a staggering 46 hours a week online or watching TV, more hours than a full-time job. Sadly, they only spend an average of six hours a week with their loved ones.

Unplug and Go Outdoors!

Spending more time outdoors is a good way to counter the addiction. Setting time aside for sports, growing their own vegetables or biking will help children enjoy their time unplugged. Getting a wooden cubby house for kids will also attract other children in the neighbourhood to come and join in the fun.

In addition, a cubby house can be a great space to chill out, a music room, an outdoor playroom or a dream den or playhouse. Some have a raised platform and are similar to tree houses. Whatever the age of the children, they will find a way to use their cubby house ingeniously.

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Let your little ones enjoy their childhood by allowing them to play outdoors. Technology is good, but you should limit their use of electronic devices and teach them how to socialise.

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