Unusual Things That Clog Your Drain

Man fixing a clogged drainA number of different things can cause a clogged drain, but there are those that border on the unusual, and at times, downright inexplicable. Usually, only food and food products block your sink, and hair and dead skin cells block the bathroom drainage.

Here are some of the items that jam your drains that will make you wonder for hours how it got there to begin with.


Yes, better believe it. Plumbers would occasionally find all sorts of toys inside the main pipeline that runs from your house to the sewer. From small plastic figures to stuffed toys no bigger than your hand, these playthings find their way to the drain, usually from the toilet. Oftentimes, this happens when you have toddlers who may have dropped their toys down the toilet just for the fun of it.


As if finding toys are strange enough, plumbers also report discovering dentures clogging sewer lines. In fact, this is one of the most common items known to clog a three-inch sewer pipe. Dentures would usually get stuck in gunk that usually accumulates inside these sewer lines. At least now, you will be more careful to leave your dentures, if you have one, outside the toilet when nature calls.

Small Gadgets

You may raise your eyebrows on this one but people see small gadgets like mobile phones, mp3 players, and similar items, inside sewer lines. While not a frequent occurrence at all, fact remains that it can be one of the most bizarre things that known to clog drains. You can easily free up most of these blockages by employing a rooter service in Salt Lake City. This service company would often use a long steel cable or plumber’s snake to break up or remove the clogging within the sewer line.

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Having a clogged drain presents a huge inconvenience and headache for homeowners. According to the Department of Public Works, it may cause a sewer backup that can seep through your floor drains. When you notice this gurgling sound, you would want to call a plumbing contractor or service to check your sewer lines.

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