Warning Signs of Roof Damage You Should Not Ignore

Warning Signs  of Roof Damage in OgdenThe roof over your house is built and designed to withstand extreme weather changes but sadly, even a roof has its limit. To prevent further damage to your house, the National Roofing Contractors Association recommends at least twice a year inspection of your roof, preferably during the spring and fall seasons. This inspection can actually lengthen the longevity of your roof and make you spot signs that your roof needs attention and repair.

When conducting your bi-annual inspection of the house, it’s important for you to keep in mind the following:

Begin on the inside

Don’t forget to bring a flashlight every time you conduct your inspections. Start inside the house, and at the highest level, that is the attic. While inspecting your attic, look for water spots or trails in your ceiling, signs of water damage, mold growth, sagging ceilings and of course, beams of light coming from the outside and entering through your roof. These are warning signs of a problem.

Outside Inspection

Once you are done inspecting the interior of your home, proceed outside and start again at the highest point which is the roof itself. Pay close attention to the condition of your roof, are there missing or cracked tiles or shingles? Check for the presence of dark stains which may indicate mold growth, moisture or rot formation.

Apart from the roof itself, don’t forget to check the drainage and the gutters. Granules filling you drainage and gutters can block the flow of water leading to accumulation and collapse of your gutter. In addition to structural collapse, the presence of large amounts of granules exiting the downspout indicates that the shingles are deteriorating and needs to be replaced.

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House inspection may be the least exciting thing on your to-do list right now but always remember, early detection of roof problems will lead to lesser damage and lower costs of roofing repair. Numerous roof repair companies in Ogden, Utah can assist you in determining the problems and help you with the repair and maintenance of your home.

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