What You Should Know About the Valves and Coils in Your Air Conditioner

HVAC systems on a rooftopIf you’re planning to upgrade your air conditioning system, you must be aware of some important parts, primarily the valves and coils, as these play a vital role in your AC’s operation. This is important so that you could make a more informed decision.

Allhoursplumbingslc.com shares some facts that you should know about your air conditioner's valves and coils.

The Role of The Coils

Your AC has two different coils: the condenser coil and the evaporator coil. The condensing coil releases heat outdoors, while the evaporator coil absorbs a significant amount of heat indoors. Advances in HVAC technology have made these coils more efficient such that they’re now more capable of releasing and absorbing heat. They also have grooves that enable more refrigerant to move better through them and wider surface spaces inside.

Coils nowadays come with various passageways or shapes inside so that they could accommodate and work with more refrigerant. For instance, coils with N shapes offer more surface space than V-shaped coils.

The Job of the Valves

All air conditioners have a valve located in front of the coil. It serves as a meter to monitor the times when refrigerant could get inside the coils. While standard or older air conditioners use an AC valve that simply opens and closes, newer high efficiency models use a TXV or thermal expansion valve. This is a smarter meter because it could open and close in different degrees so that the right amount of refrigerant could get inside the coils and satisfy your home’s cooling requirements.

When combined, these more efficient AC coils and valves would enable your air conditioning system to adjust the cooling output as necessary, which in turn, results in reduced carbon footprint, lower energy bills, and increased comfort come summer. As such, be sure to ask about these parts when you decide to upgrade your air conditioning system.

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