When Should You Call For Water Heater Repair?

Worker Repairing A Water HeaterHot water is a common item in most households nowadays, but it is often taken for granted. When it fails, it’s likely that something happened to it. The thing is, there are early signs to look for in your heating system.

Being vigilant is important to avoid more expensive repairs in the future. Here are the signs you need to hire a water heater repair service in Eagle Mountain:


Like anything mechanical, water heaters do have a standard service life, which is 10-15 years from the date of manufacture. Proper and regular maintenance protocols will help prolong this useful life, so consulting an expert is strongly recommended.

Rusty Water

This normally appears when you first open your faucet. It could be because your pipes are rusty or the water heater itself is rusting away. If the water continues to be rusty after running it for a while, then the heater itself is most likely the cause of the rust. If it eventually clears up, then the pipes are the culprit.


Sediment builds up and hardens over time at the bottom of the tank because of the heating process. This occurs due to the ever-increasing rumbling and banging noises during the heater’s operation. This sediment build up affects the efficiency of the heater because more power is needed to heat the water as the sediment increases. It also causes more damage, as the tank slowly develops small leaks. Maintaining the tanks properly helps delay this damage.

Water Near the Tank Area

This symptom is best observed when the heater is running because this is the time when small leaks in either the tank or the pipes expand and discharge water. If the leaking pipes cause the water buildup, then it would be just a matter of replacing the pipes or couplings where the leaks are present. If the source is the tank itself, then more drastic measures may be necessary.

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Diagnosing a water heater is easy for professional plumbers who have the experience and skills to handle most problems regarding this equipment. Do not second-guess the experts. When left unresolved, your plumbing problems could cost you more than what you are trying to save.

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