Why You Keep Waking Up at Night

Woman with sleeping problemsIt’s 3 a.m. and you’re wide awake again. What could be the problem?

According to the author of The Sleep Diet, a little waking at night is normal. However, waking up completely and doing some math on how many hours you’re left with until it’s time to go to work is a sign of a problem.

Here are four reasons your keep waking up at night:

Bed sheets

The quality of your bed sheets matters. Your bed sheets should be comfortable and clean. Comfortable means breathable and soft on your skin. Organic linen fabrics, such as bamboo sheets, are becoming more popular today. Generally, organic fabrics are softer than most fabrics and more breathable as well.

Itchy skin

If your skin gets so itchy that it disrupts your sleep, it’s likely that you have Eczema. This is an irritating skin disorder that gets worse at night. The problem causes changes in the immune system, affecting your sleep quality. If this is the case, see a dermatologist as soon as possible.

Your mattress

The mattress plays a major role in helping you fall asleep and stay asleep. Your mattress shouldn’t be too firm, and neither should it be too soft. Get a comfortable mattress with the right density to support your back and watch your sleep pattern change for the better.

Too much heat

According to research by the National Sleep Foundation (NSF), too much heat can make it difficult to fall and stay asleep. What you wear when sleeping; the temperature of the bedroom; and the choice of bed sheets play a role in the overall temperate. Regulating the heat in your room will help you sleep more easily.

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A full eight hours of uninterrupted sleep may not always be possible. But there’s a thin line between normal sleep interruptions and insomnia. If you watch out for the factors above but you’re still having problems staying asleep at night, talk to your doctor about it. Chances are you’re suffering from insomnia, but this is treatable, so there’s no need to worry.

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