Why You Should Switch to Solar Water Heating

Solar Water HeaterWater heaters have a useful life of about 15 years. So if you have been in your forever home for a long time, call a plumber now because you don’t want to wait until you have to take a cold shower. If it’s time to change your water heater, the chances are high that you will want to switch to solar.

Solar Incentives in Utah

Going for a solar water heater in Utah has its advantages. At the federal level, you get a personal tax credit of about 30%, while at the state level you get a renewable energy systems tax credit of 25% up to $2,000. That should help offset the higher initial investment for making the switch, Beehive Plumbing opines.

Energy Savings

The great thing about using solar power is that sunlight is abundant and free. Even if you choose an active model that pumps water into the system, the power it requires will be much less than a traditional water heater. You still will end up saving a lot of money on your electrical bill.

Larger Tank

Solar water heaters are designed to have a larger reservoir than a traditional electrical powered model. This is a big deal to large families where some members run out of hot water if they are the last one to hop in the shower.

Environment Friendly

Of course, one cannot discount the fact that using solar energy is wonderful for the environment. In this era of climate change and quickly diminishing natural resources, you will feel good about doing your part by using clean energy.

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The technology for utilizing renewable energy used to be too expensive for the average household that it was limited to huge commercial enterprises who could afford it. But that is no longer the case today. These days, appliances that use clean and green energy can be within a normal residential budget. And with government incentives to help mitigate the cost of making the switch, doing your part for the environment is not only attractive but feasible.

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