Why You Should Upgrade to an Apartment in the City

Luxury ApartmentTraditionally, a typical Queenslander family of four or five would live in a freestanding house in an inner or middle suburb of Brisbane — a two-storey dwelling with a large yard for alfresco activities. It’s understandable that this has been the norm for the longest time, as apartments aren’t really that popular in the state… until today.

Much like other parts of the country, Queensland is witnessing a cultural shift where growing families tend not to leave the big city life anymore. The increasing number of different types of units has made apartment living an attractive option, not just for singles and young couples. According to Gardner Vaughan Group, most 3-bedroom apartments in Brisbane are extremely liveable to satisfy the unique needs of homeowners.

If you’re planning to upgrade, here are three great reasons to stick with an apartment:

Better for First-Time Buyers

It’s actually more appropriate to buy an apartment than a house if this is your first home purchase. Generally, units are way more affordable than a single-family property with land. This means you can spend the time to save for your deposit and be a homeowner sooner.

Space Wouldn’t Be Compromised

If you feel guilty about raising your kids in a cramped environment, don’t be; most owned apartments are bigger in space as opposed to those for rent. Multiple-bedroom apartments would give you all the liveable space you need to live comfortably while still giving each other some privacy.

No Need to Change Lifestyle

Especially if you’ve been living in the metro for years now, the adjustment that comes with a change in environment might not be worth it. You need to get used to your new community, plan a new routine to go to work, etc.

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On the other hand, buying an apartment right in the heart of Brisbane wouldn’t require you to change your lifestyle. You can continue to spend less time commuting and get more precious moments with your loved ones.

Upgrading in an apartment uptown is today’s trend. It might not be your home forever, but exchanging suburban living for a city life could be the best for your family to stay right now.

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